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Another Look. A Bunch of Stuff to See Things Differently Vol. 3 (Un autre regard. Trucs en vrac pour voir les choses autrement t. 3)



Original Language: French | 112 pp. | September 2018

2 Seas Represents: World rights excl. French and Korean.

Rights Sold: USA (Seven Stories Press, two-book deal), Portugal (Bertrand) Italy (Laterza), Korea (Woorinabi)

Over 22,000 copies sold on vol. 3. Over 100,000 copies sold in the series



Don’t judge her naive drawings. With each pencil stroke, Emma draws the patriarchy and scratches society’s varnish of which she denounces the injustice. Hélène Guinhut, ELLE

Caring about the needs of our loved ones before ours? A typically feminine habit, highlighted by Emma in her new comic strip La charge émotionnelle. Christelle Gilquin, Femmes d’aujourd’hui

Emma makes feminist ideas accessible. Femme actuelle

Taking another look at the conversation that started on her previous book, with this friend who, overwhelmed by the “mental burden”, ends up preparing her own dinner, the author highlights the tendency of women to put forward the comfort and the fulfillment of others instead of theirs. Barbara Krief, L’Obs

“I read lots of things and then categorize them by theme. After a while, I start to feel like a particular theme should be shared with the public. I summarize the theme and anchor the theoretical idea in our private lives, in the personal experiences that allow me to touch each reader. That’s how I finally became interested in social politics, which I had always found obnoxious before. I came across scenes from my own life in feminist articles I read. There was no way that these things could have happened to so many women all over the world without a connection! Then I read articles explaining how categories of people experience similar things: there’s a system. Using these events we go through alone and showing people that they are in fact shared experiences reveals the importance of the context. From there, we can change the context to change our personal experiences.”


1) That’s wrong, but… (on consent)

2) A role to fill (on #metoo and the differences between hitting on a woman and harassing her)

3) The story of a cop (violence and contradictions in law enforcement)

4) Michelle (on retirement)

5) The power of love (on the emotional load)

Named one of the Six Women of the Year in 2018 by Parisian daily 20 minutes and acclaimed by all media outlets, Emma, the peerless 37-year-old author of The Mental Load has been translated into several languages. She lives in Paris and also works as a software engineer. As a former “Stop harcèlement de rue” (“stop street harassment”) activist, she now channels her feminist passion into “putting information out there.”


Italy (Laterza)