Agence Hyphen VMK

After 15 years spent in the French publishing industry, Valérie Miguel-Kraak founded her own literary agency, Agence Hyphen VMK, in 2018. Specialized in French speaking authors—both from Belgium and France—Hyphen takes its name from the Latin which means bond. The agency aims at building bridges between French-speaking countries and the world, between literary agencies and publishers. AHVMK list includes French best selling author Agnès Ledig (both her commercial fictions and children’s books (FR)), who has been translated into 19 languages, as well as crime novels, plays (Paul Colize (BEL), published in Polish and English, Alain Lallemand (BEL), up market fictions (Mathilde Alet (BEL-FR), commercial fictions (Valérie Cohen (BEL), Christian Carayon (FR), and fantasy (Michel Robert (FR).