Under Any Sky

Original title: Qu’importe la couleur du ciel

Author: Cohen, Valérie

Publication Date:

March 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Flammarion

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Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction

Under Any Sky

Original title: Qu’importe la couleur du ciel

Author: Cohen, Valérie


A jewel of depth, elegance, story telling and structure. — Wolvendael

Valérie Cohen put brightly the emphasis on our fate that hangs by a thread. Or a lie. — Be Perfect

The novelist from Brussels confirms her skills to embrace all the complexity of human soul. — L’Avenir

Under Any Sky talks about the human bond and about this funny thing called « family». — Paris Match (Belgium)

Valérie Cohen conveys as usual serious topics in a light and luminous way. — Le Soir Mag

A Belgian novel full of surprises and sometimes of tension that questions the meaning of the word « family ». JT de RTL

A writing that feels just right both on its formal point of view and its humanity.  Femmes d’aujourd’hui

If family trees had enough room for best friends, past lovers, mentors, and personal heroes, what would yours look like?

March 1999, Belgium. Before retiring, Sybille was a well-known midwife, beloved by her patients. But she’s had to keep her deepest wound hidden inside her entire life: she was not able to carry a child herself. She was meant to help other mothers instead. Even if she could not raise her own family she chose her “heart family.” Especially her goddaughter, Barbara, to whom she has also been very close. Even more so since she gave birth to Mila, her daughter, alone, without any man by her sides. But this family story of women without men is only repeating itself, keeping its secrets for decades…

Until one day in August 2017, in Les Ardennes, in the South of Belgium. Sybille, now aging, is celebrating her birthday. Maybe the last one. And she calls around her all her closest and dearest friends. Mila is now a very curious, clever young woman. She has recently decided to clear up the mystery of her roots and applied for a DNA analysis. And when she receives the results the very same day, at the party, her whole world collapses. Maybe it is time for everybody to let the truth finds its way from the past, through History and Europe, amongst the living…

Family can be such a lovely bunch of flowers or such stinging roses.

Valérie Cohen’s writing enhances the resilience of human spirit vs life’s changes in a light, witty and elegant style, with that special and tasteful Belgian touch.

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