The Wishing Wood series

Author: Martin, Holly

Publication Date:

March 2022

Original language and publisher

English | Holly Martin

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France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

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Netherlands (Zomer & Keuning, 3-book deal)
Sweden (Lavender Lit, 3-book deal)
Denmark (Alpha, 3-book deal, in a preempt)


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The Wishing Wood series

Author: Martin, Holly


For fans of Jill Mansell, Sarah Morgan and Sue Moorcroft.

The Blossom Tree Cottage (Book 1, February 2022)

#28 Amazon UK

#1 in Camping & Woodcraft

#4 in Holiday Fiction (Kindle Store)

#9 in Romantic Comedy (Books)

Welcome to the wonderful Wishing Wood, where incredible treehouses twinkle under a blanket of stars, the sea sparkles through the leaves, and true love is in the air. From the bestselling author of Sunlight over Crystal Sands comes this gorgeously romantic tale.

Indigo Bloom is on her way to beautiful Wishing Wood with some very big news. Two months ago she shared an incredible night with the most amazing man. She didn’t think she’d ever see River Brookfield again, but she never imagined she’d be showing up out of the blue to tell him she’s pregnant with his child.

Indigo’s heart longs for a fairytale ending. There’s just one problem: River doesn’t remember who Indigo is…

Crushed that a night that meant so much to her was so forgettable for him, Indigo resolves to keep her identity and her pregnancy secret until she gets to know the real River. But as they spend more time together, it’s clear that the incredible connection they shared that first night is stronger than ever, and that River might remember more than Indigo first thought.

The closer they get, Indigo’s secret becomes harder to share. Can Indigo find the courage to tell River the truth? And if she does, will she get the fairytale ending she’s been dreaming of?

Make all your dreams come true this summer with this feel-good love story that will sweep you off your feet. It’s the perfect read

The Wisteria Tree Cottage (Book 2, June 2022)

#18 Amazon UK

#7 in Bookstat E-Book Top 10 Bookseller chart

Get swept away to the sparkling Welsh coast this summer, where the sea glitters in the sunshine and love is in the air. This is the perfect romantic treat to escape with this summer.

Meadow has only ever loved one man – the very gorgeous Bear Brookfield. Ever since they were children she’s dreamed of marrying him under the green canopy of Wishing Wood. But when a teenage kiss that held such promise was followed by a series of misunderstandings, Meadow lost all hope of a future with Bear. Years later, Meadow and Bear remain best friends, despite Meadow marrying and divorcing Bear’s brother Heath. Yet she’s sure there’s no chance they’ll be anything more.

What Meadow doesn’t know is that Bear has only ever loved one woman too. He was heartbroken when Meadow married Heath, certain she chose his brother over him. But there’s more to Meadow and Heath’s marriage than anyone knows…

With both Meadow and Bear convinced they can only ever be friends they set one another a dating challenge – will they meet their perfect match online, as Bear thinks, or in person at a dating event, like Meadow believes? Or will they finally discover that their soul mate has been right there in front of them, secretly loving them, all along?

Once you’ve arrived in Wishing Wood you’ll never want to leave! Treat yourself to a summer of love with this feel-good, heartwarming and deliciously romantic tale.

The Christmas Tree Cottage (Book 3, October 2022)

#1 Best Seller in Holiday Fiction

#29 Amazon UK

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Wishing Wood, where the forest sparkles with fairy lights, the snow is falling, the fire is crackling and love is in the air. The perfect romance to warm your heart this Christmas.

Evergreen Winter lives an unconventional life. Her home is a ramshackle red caravan and her Clydesdale horse Thunder is her only companion. She’s never anywhere long enough to put down roots, and that’s just the way she likes it. Until she arrives at beautiful Wishing Wood eight days before Christmas…

When Evergreen accepted the job to play the role of Mrs Christmas at the magical treehouse resort nestled within lush forest she never expected her Santa Claus to be the very gorgeous Heath Brookfield. From the moment they meet their connection is electric, and each day they play husband and wife Evergreen gets a glimpse of how incredible her life could be if she stayed in Wishing Wood for good.

But the last time Evergreen opened her heart to love she lost everything and she swore she’d never rely on anyone ever again. Heath believes he’s the one person who can change her mind. But with Evergreen set to leave on Christmas Eve, Heath doesn’t have long. Can he convince her to stay or will she ride away forever in her little red caravan taking his heart with her?


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  • More than 1.7 million copies of Holly Martin’s works sold in English!

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