The Responsive Enterprise. Transform Your Organization to Thrive on Change

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November 2023



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The Responsive Enterprise. Transform Your Organization to Thrive on Change


Change keeps accelerating. Half of key business decision-makers say constant, disruptive change is now a major challenge. Dizzy from a kaleidoscope of fashionable strategies, from digital transformation to disruptive innovation, leaders need a new approach.

It’s time to embrace a holistic approach to change—to re-architect your business to be fully responsive. A responsive organization faced with change doesn’t just withstand—it embraces change and exploits it for competitive advantage.

The responsive organization stands on three pillars: First, a customer-centric mindset. Gather data relentlessly; spread insights across the organization. Second, operational excellence. Redesign processes for both efficiency and flexibility, with change in mind. Third, enterprise agility. Evolve continuously to deliver more value to customers.

You’ll learn from groundbreaking organizations that embraced these qualities. Like how a massive health services company reengineered its scheduling systems to boost efficiency—and responded in scant weeks to the challenge of COVID-19. Or the huge tech company division that embraced agility and streamlined product and marketing decisions even as it doubled in size.

Four practical steps, iterated over and over, advance the responsive transformation.

1. Start with a vision that enables coordinated action.
2. Add systems thinking for a holistic perspective on change.
3. Empower teams to make decisions quickly and effectively.
4. Embrace feedback loops that enable rapid course corrections.

The most responsive 15% of companies consistently deliver better business results, from sales growth to share price. Responsiveness changes everything.

We’ll show you how to embrace it and turn change into your biggest competitive advantage.