The Love of My Other Life

Author: Connolly, C.J.

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June 2022



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English | Joffe Books

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France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

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Audio (Findaway, at auction)
Czech Republic (Euromedia, at auction)
Slovakia (Ikar)
South Korea (Moonhak Soochup)
Albania (Botime Pegi)
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Commercial Fiction, Debut Novel

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  • RNA Debut Romantic Novel Award 2023 (Shortlisted)

The Love of My Other Life

Author: Connolly, C.J.


“A big, sprawling, grown-up love story: a complete joy of a book. It kept me guessing right to the end, which is so refreshing!” Josie Silver, bestselling author of One Day in December 

This book destroyed me! It broke my heart and put it back together. I am an absolute sucker for the road not taken, what if, and other universe/alternate timeline stories. It’s actually how I initially found Taylor Jenkins Reid. … This book reminds me somewhat of [Maybe In Another Life] which is a huge compliment, and it also has shades of “Wish You Were Here” by Jodi Picoult … This was so thought-provoking. Can different versions of yourself be happy, through the lives they’ve known and chosen? Can you slip into another life unscathed, even with the knowledge that something different is waiting for you somewhere else? I believe you’re still “you” in any timeline. — Dani,

This book is a fun twist of Sliding Doors (the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow). Where one moment can change the direction of your life. This is one of my favorite tropes. The idea of an alternate timeline, the multiverse. I really enjoyed the different povs of each Josie. — Jenna,

For readers of The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver, and the film Sliding Doors.

What if there was another you, with another life… with another husband?

Josie has a great life in Brooklyn. Her apartment is cozy and warm, she’s wonderful at her job at the radio station, and Peter, the attractive guy she’s been flirting with for months, just texted to say he had to see her. Oh, and it’s her 36th birthday.

On her way to celebrate with friends, Josie crashes her bike and her world goes black. Moments later, she wakes up in hospital with a handsome man by her side holding her hand and clearly worried sick about her. She’s never seen him before in her life.

So, who is he? Well, according to her best friend, he is her husband of two years, Rob. They live in a chic penthouse near Union Square in Manhattan. And she works in real estate, not radio. But Josie remembers nothing, not Rob, not the fancy apartment, and surely not her body – which is about 30 pounds slimmer than when she got on her bike that morning.

As she takes all this in, Josie discovers the other tragic difference between her new reality and her old reality: in this version of her life, her beloved brother is dead, killed in a plane crash that occurred right after her wedding to Rob.

As Josie makes her way through her confusion, through her grief, there is a single question that haunts her: if she is now living this alternative life with Rob, is there another Josie who’s been thrust into her life in Brooklyn, going to work at the radio station, wondering what happened to her beautiful apartment and her loving husband?

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