The Love I Could Have Had

Author: Connolly, C.J.

Publication Date:

July 2023



Original language and publisher

English (UK) | Joffe Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Serbia (Laguna)


Commercial Fiction, Romance

The Love I Could Have Had

Author: Connolly, C.J.


 ‘Original, heartfelt and absorbing, I read it on one sitting!’ – bestselling author Josie Silver 

For readers of The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver, and fans of the film Sliding Doors 

 An extraordinary and unforgettable novel for anyone who has ever believed in destiny and soulmates – or paused to wonder what your life might look like if you’d made a different choice. 

Meet Olivia. Her life is almost perfect. Her design business is taking off and she’s about to marry her childhood sweetheart, Jake. She’s the envy of her friends. 

Smart, good looking and devoted, Jake has never had eyes for anyone but Liv. He makes no secret of his desire to settle down and start a family. 

But Liv can’t help feeling something is missing. In all her twenty-eight years she’s never lived anywhere other than the small town of Wilmington on the South Carolina coast. 

And Jake is the only boyfriend she’s ever had. She’s never even kissed anyone else. Her friends tell her how lucky she is – but, despite her good fortune, Liv doesn’t feel ready to settle down just yet. 

After a romantic lakeside picnic at an isolated beauty spot, Liv takes a stroll to clear her head. She slips and loses her balance, plunging into the watery depths below… 

When Liv wakes up, she’s lying in a hospital bed. The nurse tells her she was brought in by a concerned dog walker who found her by the lake. But Liv has no scratches or bruises. There’s no engagement ring on her finger. Her mother and father claim not to know her. Their daughter, Olivia Grainger, died in an accident at the age of twelve, they say. Jake says they’ve never been romantically involved. In fact, he’s about to propose to somebody else. 

Liv struggles to find a place in this new world, a place where she doesn’t exist. A place where the man she loves is in love with somebody else. 

Liv must work out just who she is and what she wants. Suddenly she realizes just what Jake means to her. Can she get him to fall in love with her all over again…? 

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