The Islands

Author: Irving, Dionne

Publication Date:

November 2022



Original language and publisher

English | Catapult

Territories Handled

English (World)


Short Stories

The Islands

Author: Irving, Dionne


Powerful stories that explore the legacy of colonialism, and issues of race, immigration, sexual discrimination, and class in the lives of the lives of Jamaican women across London, Panama, France, Jamaica, Florida, and more.

The Islands follows the lives of Jamaican women—immigrants or the descendants of immigrants—who have relocated all over the world to escape the ghosts of colonialism on what they call the Island. Set in the United States, Jamaica, and in Europe, these international stories examine the lives of an uncertain and unsettled cast of characters. In one story, a woman and her husband impulsively leave San Francisco and move to Florida with wild dreams of American reinvention only to unearth the horrible cracks in their marriage. In another, the only Jamaican mother (who is also a touring comedienne) at a pricey prep school feels pressure to volunteer in the school’s International Day. Meanwhile, in a third story, a travel writer finally connects with her mother in London, hungry for her mother’s remorse in having abandoned her daughter as a child.

Set in locations and times ranging from 1950s London to 1960s Panama to modern-day New Jersey, debut author Dionne Irving reveals the intricacies of immigration and assimilation, establishing a new and unforgettable voice in Caribbean-American literature. Restless, displaced, and disconnected, these characters try to ground themselves – to grow where they find themselves planted – in a world in which the tension between what’s said and unsaid can bend the soul.