The Girl Who Makes A Million Mistakes

Author: Li, Brenda

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October 2023



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16.5 x 16.5cm

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World excl. English North America

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Brazil (offer received)
English (Indian subcontinent) (Sanage Publishing)
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Children's, Graphic Novels & Comics

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The Girl Who Makes A Million Mistakes

Author: Li, Brenda


“This inspiring story teaches kids that it’s okay to make mistakes. It regulates difficult emotions and shows young minds how to turn frustration into perseverance.” — Teacher Review

A powerful growth mindset book that builds resilience in children and prepares them for life’s adversities. Kids will feel strong, confident, and ready to pursue their biggest dreams!

Includes effective mindful, positive affirmations to build self-esteem and self-confidence:

“I can do this. I am strong. I am unstoppable.”

Tangled hair. Missing Teeth. Millie’s track and field race turns into a HUGE mess as she makes mistakes after mistakes. This young girl dreams of being a top athlete. But whatever she does, she messes up. Millie squeezes too much toothpaste, uses too much glue, spills milk all over and spells ‘banana’ wrong.

When she repeatedly makes errors in the race, she feels frustrated and discouraged. She even ends up in a tree! Will she quit? Will she ever become an amazing athlete she aspires to be?

See how Millie finally succeeds through learning, creative problem solving, mental toughness and determination!

This powerful book builds self-esteem and self-confidence in kids, allowing them to feel determined about their goals.

This motivational reading book teaches children:

  • That it’s okay to make mistakes
  • To learn from mistakes and bounce back
  • To develop mental toughness
  • To practice mindful affirmations
  • To never give up your goals

From the award-winning creator of the bestselling series, Pig in Jeans, this heartwarming, fun and educational book is a must-have for all school classrooms, libraries, teachers, librarians and perfectionists! If you like The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes, The Magical Yet, and This Book is Perfect, you will fall in love with The Girl Who Makes A Million Mistakes.

Marketing Information

  • #1 Best Seller in Children’s Racket Sports Books, #1 in Children’s Olympics Books, #5 in Children’s Self-Esteem Books

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