Ted and Friends Unicorn series

Author: Li, Brenda

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April 2019



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16.5 x 16.5cm

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English (Indian subcontinent) (Sanage Publishing)
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Ted and Friends Unicorn series

Author: Li, Brenda


My twin daughters have asked me to read this book 5 times since last night. — Princess NK, Amazon Review

It’s rare and great to find a good author who is also such an awesome illustrator.  — Mina Anguelova, Director of Operations at Ribi-Ribi Studio

Cute and funny pictures, entertaining for kids and adults, something to be learned from. That’s pretty much the trifecta of a solid kids book. — David Cunliffe, Owner and Author at Bedtime Press

Book 1: I Turned My Mom Into A Unicorn (April 2019)

  • #1 Best Seller in Children’s Horse Books, #3 in Children’s Parent Books

A positive and powerful lesson on thankfulness. At first, Ted thinks his mom is always grumpy. He hopes she would turn into a super fun unicorn (and she did)! But see how Ted eventually learns to appreciate her love. From mommy’s pancakes to mommy’s bedtime stories, Ted finally learns to count his blessings.

This easy-to-read book inspires children to feel thankful. They will learn to appreciate what they have through a funny storyline and hilarious scenes. Children will not only laugh and be entertained, but the twist at the end will also warm their hearts.

  • Inspires gratitude in children in an entitled world
  • Encourages kids to count their blessings
  • Develops long-lasting bonds between children and parents
  • Builds confidence in young readers age 2-7 with simple vocabulary

Book 2: The Unicorn Who Sold Zero Cupcakes (August 2019)

  • Forbes Top 5 Best Entrepreneur Books for Kids
  • #4 in Children’s Career Books, #7 in Children’s Horse Books, #32 in Children’s Reference & Nonfiction

“Unicorn and Ted set a great example of how to handle early rejection and how to use creativity to propel yourself forward.” — Forbes

An empowering children’s book for raising strong and positive minds.

Unicorn is selling cupcakes. But at the beginning, she keeps failing to make a sale. Why? Find out how she ends up succeeding!

This book introduces perseverance, strength and positivity in an easy-to-read and funny story, complemented by hilarious illustrations.

  • Empowering book for little girls and boys
  • Teaches kids to never give up in times of struggle
  • Inspire kids to be strong and mighty
  • Encourages creative thinking habits
  • Builds confidence in young readers age 2-8 with simple vocabulary

If you enjoy Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, books by Dr. Seuss, Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima and also Narwhal and Pete the Cat books by James Dean, you will fall in love with The Unicorn Who Sold Zero Cupcakes.


Book 3: Unicorn’s Slime Rescue (October 2019)

  • #11 in Children’s Horse Books, #20 in Children’s Books on Manners

A kindness book for kids, helping others in need. Unicorn and Ted ventured into the woods, looking for the perfect place to play with slime. Along the way, they bumped into classic famous characters – who all needed help. Can Unicorn and Ted use nothing but slime to help them?

The story shows children how kindness not only helps others, but it also makes the children feel good about themselves.

  • Teaches children to be kind and compassionate
  • Inspires kids to help others in need
  • Promotes happiness and positivity within themselves
  • Builds confidence in young readers age 2-7 with simple vocabulary


  • Free activities at the end for extended fun
  • Free coloring pages – hidden link in the back of every book

It is written and illustrated by Brenda Li, the author of best seller, Kindness Gets A Thumbs Up!. If you also enjoyed How To Catch A Unicorn, Never Let A Unicorn Scribble and Thelma The Unicorn, you will definitely fall in love with these beautifully illustrated unicorn books.

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