The Gift

Original title: Το δώρο

Publication Date:

May 2018



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Germany (Goldmann/PRH, at auction, two-book deal for Gift 1 & 2)
France (Pygmalion (Flammarion/Gallimard, at auction, two-book deal for Gift 1 & 2))
Canada (French) (Édito)
Turkey (Doğan Kitap, at auction)
English (UK & BC excl Can) (HQ HarperCollins UK, at auction)
English (North America) (HarperOne, at auction)
Portugal (Pergaminho/Bertrand/Porto, at auction)
Netherlands (HarperCollins, at auction)
Spanish (Spain) (Zenit/Planeta, at auction)
Japan (Bunkyosha)
China (Eurasian Press/Eurasian Publishing Group Taiwan, at auction)
Serbia (Vulkan )
Italy (Rizzoli, at auction)
Sweden (Lind & Co)
Romania (Lifestyle, at auction)
Russia ( Mann Ivanov & Ferber)
Brazil (Editora Sextante, at auction)
Hebrew (Matar, at auction)
Finland (Gummerus)
Hungary (Open Books)
North Macedonia (Sakam Knigi)
South Korea (Munhaksegyesa, at auction)


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The Gift

Original title: Το δώρο


“In fact, the only European country where (Michelle) Obama’s book sales seem weak is Greece, where the No. 1 book is Xenakis Stefanos’s “The Gift” — “Every day is a Gift. Open it. Do not throw it away.” “Becoming” doesn’t appear on Greek nonfiction lists at all.” — The New York Times

So, what is it that makes THE GIFT so special?

Contrary to what most self-help books would have you strive for -that is, an unattainable state of perpetual happiness based on the “success” dream-, Xenakis invites us to strive for excellence by simply being enlightened, kind and humane human beings.

Why waste our life becoming “successful” through relentless competition, Xenakis asks us, when we can achieve greatness by simply excelling at being good humans?

What makes someone excel at being a good human being?
All the simple things that we bypass every day in order to become “successful”: from greeting your neighbours with a warm smile, to being helpful and kind to others, to enjoying the simple possibilities every day has to offer, to savouring the beauty of the world.

Anyone can be a great human being, Xenakis tells us and living a good life is not about striving to become the unattainable ‘ideal’ person society tells us we should be in order to achieve false recognition in a competitive world. Living a good and worthy life is about being gloriously ourselves: that is, the best version of ourselves.

Moving, humane and delightful, the 50 everyday life-stories Xenakis shares with us in THE GIFT, show us that greatness resides in each and every one of us and can be brought to the surface as long as we are prepared to be simply and unreservedly brilliant humane beings.

Marketing Information

  • THE GIFT 1 has sold over 170,000 copies since June 2018 and has been at the top of the best-seller list for over 80 weeks
  • The Gift 2 has sold over 60,000 copies in Greece since its publication on June 1 2020
  • All three titles combined by Stefanos Xenakis (including Captain) have sold over 250,000 copies in total
  • Full English translation available
  • Book of the year award 2019 by Public
  • THE GIFT 2 #1 non-fiction bestseller list in Greece, over 50,000 copies

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HarperCollins Holland