Savvy: The Art and Science of Navigating Fake Companies, Leaders and News


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January 2019



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English (USA) | Ideapress Publishing

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World excl. English


Business & Leadership

Savvy: The Art and Science of Navigating Fake Companies, Leaders and News


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We grew up believing that we could trust our friends, teachers, newspapers, social media feeds, corporations and politicians. That’s not the case anymore. Misrepresentation, exaggerated truths, and outright fake news have become a world-wide phenomenon.

Finding truth in today’s world is like searching for a needle in a haystack and it is only getting harder.

As we move to a future dominated by artificial intelligence, where cars drive us better than we can drive ourselves and robots become our managers, who we trust and how we build businesses, engage customers and motivate employees (real or artificially created ones) is going to be markedly different. Drawing upon principles from psychology, real-world business experiences and with a peek into some of the technology advances taking place in innovation hotspots like Silicon Valley, this book explores how we get through this muddled state and what we all need to do to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Shiv Singh helps brands transform with the rise of digital and has worked in executive level positions on both the agency side and with Fortune 50 companies. He has been recognized by Ad Age as a Media Maven and has been featured on the publication’s cover. He currently leads innovation and digital strategy at VISA and has frequently written for the Harvard Business Review online, Ad Age, Adweek and other publications. Shiv sits on the DMG World Media Board of Governors and has advised startups including Buddy Media, Crowdtwist and Social Chorus.

Rohini Luthra is a board-certified clinical psychologist in California and New York. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles in the areas of trauma and resilience. She has conducted research on the effects of stress on children and adults at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Rohini has also been invited to edit peer review journals on anxiety disorders. She completed her post-doctoral research at Mass General Hospital and the Boston Medical Center.