Pandemonium in Academia

Original title: Panique à l’université

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August 2022



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French | Lux Editeur

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Pandemonium in Academia

Original title: Panique à l’université


Many people are crying out in panic over the alleged assault on academia by feminists and anti-racists, who threaten the whole of society in the name of « political correctness ». To stimulate collective panic, they raise appalling scarecrows – social justice warriors, islamo-leftists, wokes, gender studies – and conjure up the most violent events in history: witch hunts, lynchings, totalitarianism, extermination. Even heads of state are taking up the cause. But not only is this agitation based on exaggerations and lies, it is also part of a manipulative approach that locks up minds and hinders intellectual curiosity, academic freedom and the development of knowledge.

To shed some light on the issue, this essay looks at the ancient and recent history of the university. It invites us to consider the real role of gender studies and critical race theory in academia, and points to the forces that are actually leading the charge in the U.S., France, and Quebec. Ultimately, it is an effort to deconstruct reactionary propaganda.