The Parrot's Song

Original title: Le Chant du Perroquet

Publication Date:

January 2021



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Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction

The Parrot's Song

Original title: Le Chant du Perroquet


The Parrot’s Song is an ode to sharing our stories, and to both love and resistance, and a magnificent tribute to Brazil of both yesterday and today, its inhabitants, landscapes and history.

In São Paulo in 2016, Tiago, a young freelance journalist, meets Fabiano, who has lived in the neighborhood for decades. The older man has a parrot and a disturbing story that casts a spell on young Tiago: the love of Fabiano’s life disappeared during the years of the dictatorship. Little by little, the older man opens up, relating a life subjected to the vagaries of history. But Tiago senses that something’s not right about Fabiano’s touching tale, and his journalistic instincts come to the fore. The more he learns, the more elusive the truth becomes…

A poignant story, unforgettable characters, lively and compelling writing…

Praise for Le Marin de Casablanca:

A spell-bindingly enigmatic début novel. – Télé 7 jours

A family saga filled with suspense, warmth, emotion and exoticism. – La Montagne