Original title: La désidérata

Publication Date:

September 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Editions Alto

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

English (World) (Coach House)


Literary Fiction


Original title: La désidérata


Music for the eyes!  Fleche Magazine

At times a beautiful and cruel tale, with deep and powerful meaning, as tales ought to be. And to all that richness, the author add intense sensuality.  Selection Reader’s Digest

Marie Hélène Poitras takes us where we didn’t expect it, in a forest, enchanted yet sinister, like the ones in fairy tales… and in traditional nursery rhymes that children have been singing for centuries, unaware of their deeper and darker meaning.  La Presse

We want to devour each chapter from La Désidérata, literally and metaphorically. Le Soleil

Under the blinding skies of Noirax, a long tradition of secrets lies dormant. The men of the Malmaison insist on this silence, feed their broods, and collect a string of ill-fated women (Pampelune, Helena, the Pimparela) known as the desideratas.

Father is content since all’s calm on his estate. He’s locked the door to the House of Perfume to keep the truth from seeping out. After a failed romance, his son, Jeanty, is back home and exploring a new identity. Soon, Aliénor arrives to seek answers and rock the boat. The Crone also shows up, but isn’t who she appears to be. The curtain rises.

La Désidérata pays tribute to stifled voices in graceful, lyrical prose punctuated by dark nursery rhymes. A luminous tale of rebirth, restoration, and revenge.

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