I Don't Know How to Believe

Original title: Je ne sais pas croire

Publication Date:

August 2023



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French | Editions XYZ

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English (World excl Canada), France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia

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I Don't Know How to Believe

Original title: Je ne sais pas croire


“I’ve always been drawn to philosophy from a metaphysical standpoint. The philosophy of religion has thrilled me since childhood. More than writing it, this book urged itself into being. It exists because I decided to be honest and rigorous.”

How can we use philosophy to think about spirituality in the public space in 2023?

The author feels compelled to try and answer this question. Faced with both missteps and errors in response to imposed secularism and with the violence and fraying of the social fabric that we see emerging in the West, we must address the question of religion head on. A vibrant account of his own spiritual life, philosopher Jérémie McEwen delivers a personal meditation on questions of faith—and a lack thereof—, community, friendship, and God.

McEwen is unrestrained in his approach to different systems of belief. Prompted by a desire to uncover the very essence of spirituality, he turns traditional and long-held narratives on their head and engages in new ways to talk about religion that will appeal to a contemporary readership.