Guerrilla Social Club

Original title: Guérilla Social Club

Author: Fernandez, Marc

Publication Date:

March 2017



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Guerrilla Social Club

Original title: Guérilla Social Club

Author: Fernandez, Marc


The book of the Junta is as tremendous as it is furiously engaged … The ignoble Beast still shows its fangs. Nothing like a pounding book to file its teeth! – Paris Match

A powerful noir novel that illuminates our conscience about the sinister actions of the murderous militia.L’Anjou agricole

A talented author. His journalistic style, powerful as a shock in which his characters are plunged, goes to the essential without apology to give density to his plot.Pages de libraires

A political thriller with a passionate narration.  — Que tal Paris?

Marc Fernandez cleverly conducts the investigation while enlightening his reader on the methods of Operation Condor and its diabolical ramifications.Télé Star Jeux

An efficient and rhythmic page-turner. — Coup de coeur libraires, Fnac

Marc Fernandez strikes without respite in an elevated and professional style. Until the last line, he keeps his reader alert, stirs his guts, and warns him of totalitarian risk. His words are aiming right. — Lire

A direct style, short sentences, cutting to the bone, and a keen sense of rhythm: that’s all we ask in a (good) crime novel! — Le bien public

The author of the acclaimed Mala Vida, a finalist for the Grand Prix des Lectrices ELLE, returns with a new opus that is more exciting than ever, set between Europe and South America. The past catches up with former guerrillas. Once enemies, enemies forever.

Two men go missing in Madrid. Another in Paris. A woman in Buenos Aires. Each time, the same modus operandi: the victims are taken and then their mutilated corpses are found. All share a common past: fighting against the South American dictatorships in the seventies and eighties.

Journalist Diego Martín is worried. One of his friends figures among the missing people. He decides to look into the case for his radio show, helped by his partner of old, detective Ana Durán, and the lawyer Isabel Ferrer. A dangerous investigation that will take them from Spain to Argentina through Chile, forcing them to confront the ghosts of History, those of Operation Condor. What they will discover is spine-chilling. Because the vulture is still circling, forty years on, and its claws are out.

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  • Over 8,000 copies sold