Future-Focused. Shape Your Culture, Shape Your Future

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October 2021



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World excl. English


Business & Leadership, Society

Future-Focused. Shape Your Culture, Shape Your Future


Culture is a powerful invisible force, the set of unspoken assumptions that shapes the everyday experience of people connected to an organisation, both inside and out. When tightly linked to strategy, with leaders as role models, culture is a potent component of performance and competitive advantage. If you do not define and work on the culture you want, you will get the one you deserve. Culture is not a program or an initiative — it’s a drumbeat that runs through an organization.

This book tells the story of shaping and maintaining thriving cultures through the lens of several inspirational CEOs. It explores the importance of their future-focused mindset as leaders, and how they weave that into every facet of their organizations. You’ll learn about the impact culture has on employees, customers, stakeholders, and performance today as well as in the foreseeable tomorrows. And you’ll learn how to shape your culture not only through inspiration, but through detailed reflections and examples of shaping culture every day.

Future-Focused is grounded in decades of research and work across hundreds of organizations that were focused on building high performing and thriving cultures, and led by CEOs who were intentional and purposeful about transforming those cultures.

Become future-focused: shape your culture and you will shape your future.