Chronicles From Hades

Original title: Cronache Dell’Ade

Publication Date:

April 2024



Age Group:


Original language and publisher

Italian | Salani Editore

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English



Chronicles From Hades

Original title: Cronache Dell’Ade


“Two unlikely heroes, a mysterious secret linked to a volcano, and a daring descent into Hades. The most hilarious journey to hell ever”.

An all-Italian Percy Jackson in which history, mythology, and modernity intertwine in an explosive and highly entertaining mix.

Michele is eleven years old, has one ‘funny’ arm, and a crippled seagull for a friend. Nothing too strange for the few souls that inhabit the island of Stromboli, but enough to be an outcast. Everyone keeps him at a distance because of his disability and the crimes committed by his father, a notoriously corrupt tour guide, who died years earlier in a volcano accident caused by his greed. But things are not as Michele has always been told.

To discover the truth and redeem his father’s soul, there is no other option than to descend into Hades personally. Here, Michael will cross the Styx together with the smuggler Charon, take lessons in military strategy from a certain Umberto Eco, and discover on the island of haters that hatred on social media proves to be a boomerang for those who practice it.

Strong themes such as diversity, inclusiveness, gender freedom, failure as a resource and not as defeat, and the right to be vulnerable.

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