Brain Habits. The Science of Subconscious Success

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October 2023



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Personal Development, Science

Brain Habits. The Science of Subconscious Success


At a time when there is urgency to isolate the signal from the noise, Brain Habits is a must read. This practical approach goes straight to the heart of the matter. It focuses on the science behind the most incredible machine on the planet: the human brain. I know, because I have reaped the benefits of this knowledge and approach in my personal and professional life. Read, change, succeed—it’s all right here. — Joe Garbus | Executive Vice-President & Global Head of Talent Management, PVH

Success rarely happens in isolation. We see this most clearly among world-class athletes: it takes a team of coaches, doctors, and nutritionists combined with focused training to create sustained peak performance. In the professional world, we need to approach growth and performance similarly. Rather than upgrading what we know, Brain Habits offers tools to change how we learn. Like a training plan for your brain, investing time in the right activities can increase the brain’s capacity to focus and perform at its best, much like an athlete in the right training program can reach peak performance. This reimagined perspective can change how we maximize individual potential with a novel approach to training and development. — Vickie Zalkin | Senior HR & Operations Executive, Top Global Management Consultancy

It is a remarkable idea to think that many of us travel well into adulthood, into successful careers, families, promotions, etc., without ever understanding how our own brain works. We continue to preach that the human brain is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, capable of enacting huge internal and external change, yet many of us have absolutely no idea how to think intentionally, much less how to leverage the subconscious parts of our brain. Brain Habits is a fascinating, and thought-provoking discussion on this subject. — Rick Orford | Co-Founder & Executive Producer at Travel Addicts Life, and Bestselling Author of The Financially Independent Millennial 

“If your brain was an app, would you buy it?” What a simple and yet necessary question Phillip Campbell asks his readers in Brain Habits. It provokes a more profound question about what we invest in. We upgrade technology almost instinctively. So, why do we accept a lower standard when it comes to our brain? Brain Habits unpacks the mechanics behind cognitive development and the future of cognitive capital. — Jonathan Morgan | Chief Growth Officer, Symend

As we head into more complex and disruptive times, the need for a book like Brain Habits is increasingly necessary and yet extremely rare. Phillip Campbell captures the science of subconscious thinking habits and how they can dramatically impact professional and personal performance. In our current context of ongoing disruption, the need to look inward and approach development proactively has never been more essential. — Jon Davies | Managing Director, Head of Talent, Lightyear Capital

Phillip Campbell has done something remarkable with Brain Habits! In his scientific exploration into the both the conscious and ‘inaccessible’ subconscious areas of our brain, Campbell turns our preconceived notions about our own brain right on their heads. If you’re looking for a way to become more adaptable, a better learner or to access more of your own potential, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on a copy of this book! — Glenn Hopper | CFO, Sandline Global, and Bestselling Author of Deep Finance

A highly enjoyable read! Brain Habits is an explorative journey into the most relevant discoveries of neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and the utilization of the subconscious brain in developing more efficient learning patterns. Simply excellent. — Tamara Nall | CEO & Founder, The Leading Niche

 The most impactful part of Brain Habits to me was the Four Pillars of Subconscious Success frameworks. Phillip’s work flows seamlessly with the various concepts explored throughout the book. It will undoubtedly make a big impression in the publishing world offering a powerful and practical resource for those looking to really understand how our brains work. It is a considerable achievement in the field of optimizing cognitive performance. Impressively, it achieves this with a very approachable and light-hearted flare that keeps the pages turning with ease. — Socrates Jimenez | Market Growth & Operations Executive, Health Services

Facts are static, and knowledge is transient and quickly outdated. The knowledge economy is evolving, and the currencies holding their value are increasingly transferable skills. I highly recommend Brain Habits. It gives a wealth of insight to the reader, highlighting the connective tissue being the inner working of the brain and its practical impact on our day-to-day lives. The value of an efficient thinker and agile learner will only increase which makes it an imperative investment. — Garry Whatley | Managing Director, Business Services Sector

An intriguing journey into understanding how and why our brains operate the way they do—and more importantly, why our subconscious thinking habits impact our performance. Brain Habits will certainly leave you thinking long after you finish! — Shawn Johal | Business Growth Coach, Elevation Leaders, Bestselling Author of The Happy Leader

Do you wonder how you brain works? What are the key process that lead to optimal brain performance, innovation, and a better life. The potential is laid out in Brain Habits, which takes an amazing spin on how we thought learning works. Your brain is an amazing wonder; aren’t you curious to know more about how to use it better and more effectively? — Mar Ricketts | Principal, GuildWorks

Brain Habits was like neuroscience for dummies! The sheer volume of information, concepts, and strategies was expertly balanced throughout by the author’s clear and concise writing style. I felt like I was able to begin to understand the complexities of the brain, without being bogged down trying to decipher an endless barrage of technical terminology. — Rick Yvanovich | CEO, TRG

The Brain – Breaking down the ultimate enigma.

Our brains are open for business, 24/7, 365 days a year. So, it is no surprise that it is our most vital asset, yet the brain remains a mystery for many.

Brain Habits take a revolutionary look at how the principles of cognitive science and the brain’s inherent neuroplasticity can radically reshape our understanding of how we think, learn, and adapt.

Using the power of relatable stories, the author unpacks how the brain processes information on the conscious and subconscious level. It is a book for anyone who values understanding the power of their brain and the 10 Subconscious Thinking Habits that profoundly impact our behaviours and success.

The author’s vision is to start a conversation that leads to a change in how we structure learning to create the next level of thinking needed to excel in an increasingly demanding world.

Your future success depends on how you think, not just what you know.

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  • Forward written by Ross Love, previous Managing Partner of BCG New York
  • Amazon No.1 Best Seller in the Developmental Biology Category