Campbell, Phillip John


Phillip John Campbell is a cognitive scientist, executive brain coach, and CEO of enigmaFIT – a global brain coaching and leadership development company.

He has over 25 years of industry experience working globally with senior leaders of Fortune 500 organizations and entrepreneurs. Phillip has a Masters of Cognitive Science, and he has dedicated his career to understanding and leveraging the neuroscience behind how the brain rewires itself to enhance our ability to think, adapt, learn, and behave.

He takes a revolutionary look at the principles of neuroscience and combines them with his insights into our conscious and subconscious thinking habits. His work highlights how our cognitive derailers and cognitive strengths impact our day-to-day personal and business life.

In his most recent work, Habits of Success, he shares how tailored cognitive development delivers brainpower on autopilot.

Phillip’s vision is to start a conversation that leads to a change in how we structure learning and creating the next level of thinking needed to excel in an increasingly demanding world.