Anatomy of Freedom

Author: Wong, PP

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English | Goose Lane

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World, World excl. English Canada

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Italy (under option)


Literary Fiction, Speculative Fiction

Anatomy of Freedom

Author: Wong, PP


Anatomy of Freedom, by Women’s Prize for Fiction longlisted author PP Wong, is a speculative novel set in two countries, East and West, with alternate histories.

It asks thought-provoking questions about the “freedom” in society and our technological advances.

With the beauty, depth, and accessibility of The Life of Pi and the moral dilemmas of Fahrenheit 451, readers will be taken on a meaningful voyage, much like The Buried Giant.

The story begins on a small island with vast mountains and palm trees as tall as the sky – a beautiful country run by a book-pulping tyrant, the King, who uses unjust laws to destroy free speech and worsen the living conditions of his people.

When our protagonist Fred’s freedom-chasing Pa goes missing, Fred joins Unservile, an underground movement of dissenters, with his charismatic Uncle and two best friends, words-obsessed ‘peanut-shaped head’ Mar-Lon and strong, determined Bridge (who he loves).

After a peaceful demonstration at the King’s palace turns violent, Fred is captured and imprisoned. He is alone in a dark prison with memories of the tragedies before and during the demonstration. Hope for Fred comes in the form of Jim, a helpful activist from another land. Jim rescues Fred, and they fly to a technology-obsessed, glass-towered country where Fred becomes a political icon and is respected by many.

Will Fred gain the freedom he longs for or discover a secret much more sinister than anyone could imagine?

Praise for the author’s debut, Women’s Prize for Fiction longlisted Life of a Banana:

‘Revealing in its exploration of cultural and generational conflicts and moving in its optimism.’ — The Guardian, UK

‘Deeply insightful… Tragedy and trauma are juxtaposed with a jokey colloquialism.’ — Bare Fiction Magazine, UK

‘Life of a Banana is so refreshingly distinct. Read it, and you will soon find yourself wanting more.’ — The Daily Mail, UK

‘Life of a Banana can make people think in intimate and silent reflection. What we are all called to do is essentially understand that there must not be any form of judgment or condemnation of those who look different. We need tolerance and full acceptance without any prejudice, which makes us more human.’ — Vanity Fair, Italy