A Tale of Two Omars

Author: Sharif Jr., Omar

Publication Date:

October 2021



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English | Counterpoint Press

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World excl. English North America



A Tale of Two Omars

Author: Sharif Jr., Omar


“Sharif maintains his hope in humanity, making several calls for increased dialogue, tolerance, and patience in Mideast politics. This moving story will appeal to anyone looking for an account of inspiration in the face of oppression.” — Publishers Weekly

“In a story made for the screen, Omar rips away the bandages and exposes the many scars of his past. Harrowing and haunting, but shared with hope and humility, A Tale of Two Omars reminds us how important it is to live our truths without shame. The message is clear: Don’t let the past define your future, have it inform and illuminate a future path.” —Rosanna Arquette, BAFTA Winner, Emmy and Golden Globe Nominated Actress

A Tale of Two Omars is a story of freedom. It’s about taking all your challenges and privileges, owning them and using them to live a life in charge.— Diane von Furstenberg

In A Tale of Two Omars, Omar Sharif Jr. puts his heart on the page, gifting us with a powerful and essential memoir of self-discovery. Brimming with beautiful remembrances of his grandfather and terrifying stories of abuse and homophobia, this is an essential book that shines a much-needed light on the intersection of Arab and queer identity. — Abdi Nazemian, Lambda Award winning author of Stonewall Honor book Like a Love Story

“Omar Sharif Jr.’s book cannot come at a better time for humanity and the world. Glamourous, engrossing, and challenging, his edict for a better world is evident in every page.” — Irena Medavoy, actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur

“This book is the fascinating and inspiring odyssey of one man’s quest to be his authentic self––a difficult enough task for anyone, but try adding gay, Muslim and Jewish into the mix!” — Alan Cumming

The grandson of Omar Sharif shares his personal story and the lessons he inherited from his family that have helped to bring him strength and prepared him to be an international leader in the fight for LGBTQ equality.

The grandson of Hollywood royalty on his father’s side and Holocaust survivors on his mother’s, Omar Sharif Jr. learned early on how to move between worlds, from the Montreal suburbs to the glamorous orbit of his grandparents’ Cairo. His famous name always protected him wherever he went. When, in the wake of the Arab Spring, he made the difficult decision to come out in the pages of The Advocate, he knew his life would forever change. What he didn’t expect was the backlash that followed.

From bullying, to illness, attempted suicide, becoming a victim of sex trafficking, death threats by the thousands, revolution and never being able to return to a country he once called home, Omar Sharif Jr. has overcome more challenges than one might imagine. Drawing on the lessons he learned from both sides of his family, A Tale of Two Omars charts the course of an iconoclastic life, revealing in the process the struggles and successes that attend a public journey of self-acceptance and a life dedicated in service to others.