Ventrella, Rosa


Rosa Ventrella was born in Bari and lives in Cremona. She graduated in modern history and received a master’s in school management. She has given several lectures on the condition of women in history and in her novels counts passionately about the feelings and worries of women. She writes fiction reviews for Tuttolibri, La Stampa. Her novel Storia di una famiglia perbene (A Decent Family) was the editorial case of the London Book Fair 2018, and sold in 18 countries. Mediaset will broadcast in 2021 a TV series based on this book. In 2019, the novel La Malalegna (The Slander) was published, and it has already been sold in 11 countries. Her latest novel, Benedetto sia il padre (Blessed Be the Father) will be published by Mondadori in March 2021. The film rights of Storia di una famiglia perbene were sold to 11MarzoFilm Production, and Emons will soon produce the audiobook. The producer IdeaCinema is working on the script of La malalegna.