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What A Shame To Die Like This! (C’est vraiment trop con de finir comme ça !)



Original Language: French | 352 pp. | January 2019

2 Seas Represents: World excl. French rights


There are countless ways to die, but this book probably mentions the most stupid ones of all!

Getting hit in the head by a tennis ball, doing a parachute jump… without a parachute, getting crushed by a construction machine during safety training, getting electrocuted while urinating on an electric pylon, diving into a pond pestered with crocodiles to escape the police, choking to death on a hamburger… Every story in this book is guaranteed to surprise you, horrify you and make you laugh!

Stéphane Garnier loves to tell stories, especially ones where reality surpasses our imagination. This book is a proof of that, and every story in it is 100% true!