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The Neanderthals from A to Z (Neandertal de A à Z)



Original Language: French | 600 pp. | January 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French


Being trendy is being Neanderthal…You’ll learn plenty of things from this book. — France Info

With this pedagogic and exhaustive approach, all kinds of readers will definitely find their niche! This book will expand your horizons! — Site Hominidés​

The reference book on the Neanderthals

The Neanderthals are not completely extinct! They live on in our DNA…

But who were they really? How did they live? How did they take care of themselves? What was their habitat like? Did they practice cannibalism? How did they bury their dead? Were they artists? Why did they go extinct? What was their relationship with the Home sapiens? From abscesses to Zafarraya, via cave lions and toothpicks, this detailed dictionary presents the latest scientific discoveries. The Neanderthal will never again be seen as an ape-like creature, inferior to our species. The Neanderthals from A to Z is the reference book that will return the Neanderthal to its rightful place in human history.

Marylène Patou-Mathis is a prehistorian and research director at the CNRS, leading the team for ‘Behaviours of Neandertalians and anatomically modern Humans’. She curated the exhibition on the Neanderthals on show at the French Natural History Museum from 29th March, 2018.