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How to Bore People with Your Travel Stories (De l’art d’ennuyer en racontant ses voyages)



Original Language: French | 100 pp. | November 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French

Rights sold: Germany (Nagel & Kimche/Hanser), Korea (Purun Communication/Philiosophik)

Full German translation available

Over 15,000 copies sold!


“You could die laughing. I read it in one fell swoop in Belgium, where I
was giving 80 conferences about my travels.” — Sylvain Tesson

All the common places of travel literature are parodied with a very good humor.” – La Librairie du Voyage

“A funny book that makes you want to travel … and come back mute as a fish.” – Grands Reportages

“You take that book to a diner, you’ll have success.” – France Info

“The style is lively, the idea is funny.” – Le Canard Enchaîné

“A delightful guide full of useful advice. Precious.” – Le Figaro Magazine

Historically, the art of traveling blends with the art of talking about our travels. In other words, it blends with the art of annoying our relatives by showing off our happiness or pretending to be adventurers. Yesterday we organized special slide show evenings. Today, thanks to social media, we can inundate our contacts with a steady stream of comments, photos, and videos. Our ability to knock people out with our travel stories has become limitless, so we no longer give our audience any breathing space.

Drawing from an ancestral know-how, Matthias Debureaux initiates us to this subtle art in this bitingly ironic manual that mocks all our failings as tourists. A short text that has a refined style and sharp wit.


Debureaux_HOW TO BORE PEOPLE WITH YOUR TRAVEL STORIES_Nagel & Kimche_Germany_January 2017-300 

Germany (Nagel & Kimche/Hanser), Korea (Purun Communication)