The Noble Art of the Quarrel

Original title: Le noble art de la brouille

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June 2018



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The Noble Art of the Quarrel

Original title: Le noble art de la brouille


Tongue-in-cheek tone, joyous irony and amusing misanthropy. At a time when ‘twitter spats’ have become a reality this book is not to be missed. — Le Monde

A cheerful essay.— Ali Rebeihi, France Inter      

It’s erudite, funny … and really could show you how to end a toxic friendship with panache — ELLE

The disagreement manual for dummies — L’Express

A spicy and refreshing book, it’s like drinking a glass of quarrel — Le Canard Enchainé 

Finding inspiration in well-known quarrels, this hilarious guide explains how to fall out with your friends for life.

Dali and Buñuel, Sartre and Camus, Freud and Jung, Truffaut and Godard, Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi: certain enmities last a lifetime.

“Friendship is just one stage of a quarrel,” said Robert de Montesquiou. But to remain angry until one’s last breath cannot be improvised. Enmity maintains itself, it has its rites, its customs, its right words. The quarrel is an ancient art of which our current era, with friendships that are tied and untied with one single click, tends to make us forget the nobility.

By staging famous cheerful and erudite friendships that have become stubborn rancors, this guide raises the quarrel to the rank of the fine arts. An art to be practiced with stabs and repartees, which are as funny as they are lethal.

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