Le bruit du monde

Based in Marseille, Le bruit du monde focuses on world literature. Our intention is to reveal outstanding fiction that transforms our vision on historical and present realities. We don’t shy away from modern issues, while searching for unforgettable narratives and betting on the pleasure reading can bring. Le bruit du monde aims at enriching our fantasy, our empathy, and broadening our horizon. We pick up the best of literature in translation while searching for francophone voices of international appeal without any restriction of genre. The words « bruit » and « monde » carry an energy that echoes the constant mutations of the world, a world full of life and movement. Therefore Le bruit du monde captures the spirit of a publishing house that is the repository of global vibes. There is no better soundbox than Marseille, from where we embark: a world city itself. This place was the obvious choice: Marseille, the oldest and liveliest city in France, the beacon of the Mediterannean identity, is full of stories to be told, tragic, solar, coming from all over the world. The first books came out in March 2022 and received a wonderful acclaim !