Zizi Cabane

Author: Cournut, Bérengère

Publication Date:

August 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Le Tripode

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia


Literary Fiction


  • Prix des Libraires en Seine 2023 (shortlisted)

Zizi Cabane

Author: Cournut, Bérengère


What a beauty lays in Zizi Cabane! Strong, poetic and funny! One day, mother disappears and Zizi Cabane and her family must learn to live without her. This defining event will bring Zizi Cabane to realization as a sister, a child and an adult. An optimistic book about the important events in our lives. — Bertrand, director of Le Biglemoi bookshop

A novel about the disappearance of a mother and the incredible presence of her absence. Berengère Cournut’s writing is a powerful mystery full of fantasy as well as simplicity. After the success of De Pierre et d’os, the longawaited return of a unique author.

Odile has disappeared, leaving behind her husband and their three children: Béguin, Chiffon and young Zizi Cabane. In the search for a new balance, nothing goes as planned in the house. A spring appears in the basement and wants to join the stream in the garden. A strange wind is blowing. And while Aunt Jeanne tries to bring some order to the situation, Marcel Tremble, a false grandfather, appears from nowhere.

After the arctic journey of De pierre et d’os, Bérengère Cournut succeeds once again in inserting poetry in real life, to express the pain with a smile, to associate daily life with dreams and to reinvent life in every phrase.

Marketing Information

  • Initial print run: 25,000 copies

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