You Only Live Once. Everything You Need to Know to Be Happy and Pass Your Exams

Original title: On n’a qu’une vie

Publication Date:

October 2019



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Worldwide excl. French


Personal Development, Practical Guide

You Only Live Once. Everything You Need to Know to Be Happy and Pass Your Exams

Original title: On n’a qu’une vie


A real mine of information and the key to finding ones life and advancing serenely in life! – Starlight

In anchoring her advice in modern times, the author gives the key to helping adolescents overcome their daily challenges. -Tout Comprendre

How can you be happy and confident at an age when major life choices are to be made, and succeeding is an obligation? 
S. Le Ménahèze writes in a reader-friendly style, offering shrewd advice she would have liked to have been given at that age, about how to succeed and how to be happy, as well as how to cope with stress and manage your image.


What’s the best way to organize your schedule? To choose your future profession? To write a good résumé? How should you act with your friends? How should you manage your social-media image? How can you be happy without putting too much pressure on yourself?

Between finishing high school and going off to college, young people are going through a critical period in their lives, when they are facing important questions about choosing a career, passing their exams, and entering adult life. In our digital, social-media age, they also have to take care of their on-line image, while staying safe.

In this precious guide, Sophie Le Ménahèze gives them all the keys they need to succeed both professionally and personally, and to stay calm and collected as they move on to the next stage of their lives.

The book is enhanced with an annex that includes sample résumés and application letters, as well as a bibliography full of ideas for going further.

After a very successful – though more or less happy – career as a student, Sophie Le Ménahèze became a corporate lawyer. Holding key positions in international corporations, she spent several years in Asia before moving back to Paris. Constantly searching for meaning and well-being, Sophie is a proud life coach. You Only Live Once is her first book.