Women and Gods

Original title: Des femmes et des dieux

Publication Date:

October 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Les Arènes


Religion & Spirituality

Women and Gods

Original title: Des femmes et des dieux


Free to be women and leaders of a community.

Kahina Bahloul (imam), Floriane Chinsky (rabbi) and Emmanuelle Seyboldt (pastor) look back one by one on their youth and decision to become a leader of a religious community: Muslim, Jewish, or Christian. How to find your true place in a world of traditions dominated by men? Emmanuelle shows the path followed for centuries by the Protestant Church but without openly talking about gender equality; Floriane looks back at her training as a rabbi and on the liberal branch of Judaism that is the only one to accept women as  rabbis; Kahina is laying the foundation stones of a liberal Islam that struggles to be accepted.

Feminine leadership:

Today, women get more and more often their legitimate share in terms of gender equality. The fight for this equality in several areas like work and family is far from being successful in the religious field. The three authors look back without taboo at these questions, deconstructing these mental barriers that would prevent women from accessing the same responsibilities as men. If some texts say otherwise, we also have to find the hidden ones that bring women to the fore so they will dare to take the space they deserve.

Whether she’s Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, every religion or tradition has “an issue” with women’s bodies (temptation, impurity, sins,etc.) Kahina, Floriane, and Emmanuelle talk honestly about this question, quoting the texts but also sharing their experiences and several situations where women’s bodies were questioned. The readers will realize that finally, God has very little to do with these issues.

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