Why We Play with Fire

Author: Vriesen, Giselle

Publication Date:

July 2023

Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

World excl. English


Fantasy, Young Adult

Why We Play with Fire

Author: Vriesen, Giselle


When seventeen-year-old Leah falls through a magical well in her backyard and pops up in a house built by the gods for their children, all she wants to do is get back home to her mother.

But the artifacts The House protects are missing, and Leah must journey to three mythical lands to retrieve them. The only trouble is that Leah isn’t alone in her pursuit. Danger is tagging along. If she doesn’t get the stones back to The House before the winter solstice, it will spell destruction not only for her but the whole world.

Offered as a multicultural and feminist twist with Percy Jackson-esque themes, Why We Play with Fire is a young adult fantasy novel for readers ages 14-17.