While You Were Dreaming

Author: Rai, Alisha

Publication Date:

March 2023



Original language and publisher

English | HarperCollins US

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Romance, Young Adult

While You Were Dreaming

Author: Rai, Alisha


This debut contemporary YA romance is a must read for fans of Sandhya Menon and Nicola Yoon.

It’s a classic story: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy finally notices girl when he sees her in a homemade costume. At least, that’s what Sonia Patil is hoping for when she plans to meet her crush at the local comic-con in cosplay.

But instead of winning her crush over, Sonia rescues him after he faints into a canal and, suddenly, everything changes. Since she was in disguise, no one knows who the masked do-gooder was… but everyone is trying to find out.

Sonia can’t let that happen — her sister is undocumented, and the girls have been flying under the radar since their mother was deported back to Mumbai.

Sonia finds herself hiding from social media detectives and trying to connect with her crush and his family. But juggling crushes and a secret identity might just take superpowers.

Can Sonia hide in plain sight forever?