Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence

Authors: Peters, Tom, Green, Nancye

Publication Date:

November 2022



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English (USA) | Ideapress Publishing

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World excl. English

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Turkey (The Kitap Yayinlari)
Arabic (Jarir)
South Korea (Gyoyudang)


Business & Leadership

Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence

Authors: Peters, Tom, Green, Nancye


Business guru Peters’ book combines his thoughts—and the words of many others he quotes throughout the volume—with the design work of Nancye Green to create a motivational objet d’art that is both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking … A gift book approach to leadership lessons that delivers highlights elegantly. — Kirkus Reviews

Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence is full of inspiration for anyone aged 20 to 80, from cashiers to CEOs. Legendary best-selling business author Tom Peters partnered with the iconic designer Nancye Green of Donovan/Green to create this guidebook for leaders in the workplace. Peters and Green have packed this strikingly designed little book with exhilarating quotes that will urge you to recognize what truly matters at work. Over the decades, Peters has gathered these gems of wisdom from those who have been down in the trenches creating extraordinary places to work. Green has wrought the most accessible and captivating way to absorb that wisdom.

Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence argues that business leaders must start putting people really first and start helping them prepare for a rocky future. As we come to terms with the debilitating pandemic, confront extreme wealth inequality, and wrestle with destabilizing technological revolutions still in their infancy, it is clear that “Extreme Humanism”—treating one another humanely—is the best path forward.

The insights you’ll find in Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence will move you to action, to vigorously and passionately support our communities, provide products and services that stun our clientele with their excellence and verve, and serve our ailing planet. It’s not just the best path forward, it’s the path that can engender purpose and pride in all of us who perform the work. Take this guidebook to work, on your travels, wherever you need to be reminded of excellence. Better yet, share this book—an exquisite gift—with anyone who needs a jolt of genius.

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