This World Is So Beautiful

Original title: Ce monde est tellement beau

Publication Date:

January 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Actes Sud

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Literary Fiction

This World Is So Beautiful

Original title: Ce monde est tellement beau


“Sébastien Lapaque has written his most important novel.” Transfuge

“It is a rare opportunity to hold in hands a great novel, as here from the first pages” La Croix

“A magnificent introduction to the modern divine comedy.” L’Incorrect

“A must read book, Lapaque is the author of the year !” Salon Littéraire

Beneath an ashen contemporary sky, a secondary school teacher who has come to terms with his disillusionment gradually finds a personal way of resisting spiritual collapse. This involves twelve-egg omelettes, impulses of the heart, impassioned metaphysical arguments, deep sorrows and happy thoughts, walks in the woods and sparrows in town, and an intimate reconnecting with nature… A perspective characterised by lifting one’s gaze towards the stars.

In Ce monde est tellement beau, Sébastien Lapaque finds the most direct way towards the reader’s heart. In the élan of a new-found maturity, the author of Barricades mystérieuses and Théorie de la carte postale transcends melancholy and clear-eyed disillusionment to serve up a gentle epiphany in his most luminous and intimately universal work to date.

Marketing Information

  • Winner of the Prix Jean Freustié 2021