This is a Window

Author: Conrad, Lauren Paige

Publication Date:

April 2024



Age Group:

4 - 8 years


20 x 25 cm

Original language and publisher

English | Minerva

Territories Handled

World excl. Asia and North America

Territories Sold

Turkey (Koç Üniversitesi Yayınları)



This is a Window

Author: Conrad, Lauren Paige


“An ode to childhood play and the boundlessness of imagination….Adults sharing this book with children will marvel at the sense of wonder it conveys, while children will eagerly accept the invitation to use their own imaginations…..Perfectly captures the rich, fulfilling world of childhood fun to be found in the seemingly mundane.” – Kirkus Reviews

The power of childrens’ imaginations takes center stage in this gorgeous, playful rhyming picture book about a group of kids who build a make-believe world in their homes.

Just look at what you can build out of ordinary stuff when you follow your imagination! Children and their caretakers will love this beguiling child-led tour of a make-believe world constructed from everyday household and backyard objects. Words and pictures work together cleverly to spark eureka moments: that “ship” is really a table, that “dark cave” is really a laundry basket, and more, as a day full of building, playing, and pretending turns into bedtime. Children will use their own imaginations and storytelling skills as they figure out what the book’s busy characters are up to in the gorgeous collage-style art. With perfect rhymes that make it an irresistible read-aloud, this delightful book is a classic in the making perfect for a wide audience of parents and childcare professionals, especially anyone seeking a book that celebrates creative play.