The Wolves

Original title: Les loups

Publication Date:

February 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Les Arènes

Territories Sold

Italy (Piemme (pre-empt))


Crime & Thrillers

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The Wolves

Original title: Les loups


Barely elected, the Ukrainian President is in danger: the Russian secret services have found their next prey. A woman is in mortal danger and has 30 days to survive.

A thriller that allows you to understand topical issues, about Russia and the ramifications of Putin’s services.

The new Ukrainian President, Olena Hapko, prepares for her inauguration. The oligarch of a violent past, known as the “steel princess”, relishes her victory. In a month’s time she will finally reach the summit after having steadily risen through the ranks of power. Ukraine and its immense steppe lands will be at her feet. But for Russia it is problematic. Faced with her as the future president, the Russian secret services and ruthless business leaders stoke the flames of popular uprising. The story extends over thirty days. During these thirty days Olena Hapko will have to do what she has always done: survive. And her ferocity and perfect knowledge of the quagmire of Ukrainian politics are the only weapons she has.

Benoît Vitkine paints like no other the mores of the post-Soviet elites and the curse of the populations condemned to live under their domination. The author of Donbass is not Albert-London prize for nothing. It offers us a terrifying dive into the workings of state corruption.

Praise for his previous title Donbass:
A burst of brilliance. Donbass stands out not only as an exciting thriller with the suspense expertly maintained but also as an unprecedented and brilliantly documented plunge into the heart of fratricidal conflict. — Le Figaro Magazine
The subtle psychological correlation between the heroes and events of the novel guarantee a breathtaking conclusion of the plot, without any Manichaeism. — Ouest-France 

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