The Wanderer

Author: Williams, Josie

Publication Date:

October 2021



Original language and publisher

English | Firefly Press

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Film/TV rights (Dominion of Drama)
Poland (Harper Collins)
Czech Republic (Grade)
Hungary (Konyvmolykepzo Kiado)
Russia (Arkadia)


Young Adult

The Wanderer

Author: Williams, Josie


‘The Wanderer’ is a gut-wrenching, epic love story that I could not put down. I was addicted and rooting for Ryder and Maggie from the start. — Natasha Preston, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A heartbreaking love story with a ghostly twist; I fell in love with Ryder and Maggie and felt every longing glance and stolen touch. Just gorgeous.” — Cynthia Murphy, author of Last One To Die

“A beautiful book about loss, longing, and love. Josie Williams paints a touching picture of two teens, separated by life and death, battling loneliness to find love for the first time. An original and beautiful story – thoroughly enjoyable!” — N.J. Simmonds

“A poignant story about two teens dealing with loneliness and looking for a sense of connection. Moving and intense.” — Kat Ellis, author of Harrow Lak

“A beautiful and thought-provoking story… 5 must-read stars.” — Ann, Literary Lust

“The Wanderer is such a touching, heartfelt romance that you won’t want to put down. Josie Williams has penned this novel with so much emotion it just jumps off the pages and pulls you in.” — Kim, Goodreads reviewer

“[The Wanderer] invited me to consider mortality and the value of life, combining more realist fiction with that of the supernatural in order to create a surprising Teen/YA read.” — Sunny Reads, Goodreads reviewer

For those who love romances and all things spooky, this YA novel about a ‘wanderer’ in love is a must read!

Ghost meets Romeo and Juliet meets City of Ghosts (Victoria Swarb), readers of Jennifer Armentrout, and Nicola Yoon will also love this contemporary teenage romance

Nothing can stand in the way of love, not even death.

Alone in the world, Maggie only has her visits to her nan to look forward to. When the most popular boy in school saves her life, she has no idea why he is suddenly acting like a different person.

Stuck between life and death, Ryder spends his days wandering around unseen by the living. When the girl he loves walks into danger, Ryder breaks he number one Wanderer’s rule: he saves her life.

They’re just two lonely souls, destined to be apart. But how can a Wanderer and a living girl ever reach their happily ever after? Teenage love is epic. But falling in love with a human girl when you’re dead? Yeah, that blows.

For those who enjoy heart-wrenching teenage romance with a touch of the paranormal, The Wanderer is a moving and compelling YA romance dealing with first love and growing up.

Marketing Information

  • 860,000 copies of her books sold in English
  • #4 in Teen & Young Adult Fantasy Romance eBooks on Amazon UK