The Visual Sale

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September 2020



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The Visual Sale


Video can help you close the deal in a virtual world and this book from award winning marketer and author Marcus Sheridan will show you how. With practical advice and step by step instructions, this is the ultimate guide to selling over video – no matter how much you hate watching yourself on the screen.

More than ever before, buyers and consumers are demanding for more video. Just “reading” about a product, service, or company will no longer do the trick. Today, they must “see” it. Notwithstanding this increased demand for video, most businesses and organizations have struggled to quickly adapt. In fact, many have no idea as to how or where to get started. For this purpose, The Visual Sale was written. Finally, businesses and organizations have a clear guide that will literally show them, in simple, clear, and actionable terms, exactly how they can build a culture of video and start “showing it” moving forward, ultimately leading to a dramatic improvement to their sales numbers, marketing strategy, and overall customer experience.

Marketing Information

  • 2020 American Bookfest Best Book Award (Winner – Business-Sales)
  • Axiom Bronze Medal Winner

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