The Unlimited Heart: How To Transform Your Pain Into Purpose

Author: Kaveney, Jim

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September 2024



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World excl. English


Health & Lifestyle, Personal Development

The Unlimited Heart: How To Transform Your Pain Into Purpose

Author: Kaveney, Jim


On a cold, cozy December night in 2018, Jim Kaveney is dying. He is a husband, father, business owner, athlete, and innovator. He is also an atrial fibrillation patient facing massive cardiac trauma just in time for Christmas.

In this breakout memoir, Jim Kaveney recounts his dance with death and the events leading up to this fateful, health-defining moment and the shifts in business perspective and priorities that followed.

Unlimited Heart takes readers on a journey—traversing the tight budgets of an eleven-member household to the financial burdens strapped to a dream to the sale of a multimillion-dollar startup. It is a raw portrayal of a boy who grapples with his demons in the midst of his dreams and a man who turns those dreams into a clear, entrepreneurial vision—a vision that is threatened by medicine, technology, and surgeries.

Kaveney’s entrepreneurial and cardiac journey cannot be separated. Where his heart was weak, his mind became strong. When his mind was weak, his heart was strong. The battle between his metaphorical and physical heart and mind is what inspired him to write Unlimited Heart and to launch a business with the namesake. For anyone facing insurmountable odds in personal or professional spheres, Unlimited Heart acts as inspiration to transform life’s challenges into catalysts for growth and to harness the unlimited potential of the human heart and mind.