The Transparent Sales Leader

Author: Caponi, Todd

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July 2022



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Business & Leadership

The Transparent Sales Leader

Author: Caponi, Todd


So many amazing ideas and moments in this book that will forever change the way I think about sales leadership. It engages you from beginning to end, bridging the gap between framework and science. — Andy Kofoid, President, Global Field Operations at Databricks

Now more than ever, organizations who prioritize customer success above all else will come out on top. The Transparent Sale Leader is a fantastic resource for those just beginning their sales careers, seasoned leaders, and everyone in between. This insightful book will transform your approach to leadership. —DJ Paoni, President, SAP North America

As if Todd couldn’t get transparency in sales any clearer after his first book, he goes and writes a book on transparency in leadership taking it to the next level! The breakdown of what it is and what it isn’t, the five “F’s Framework” and the cherry on top of what leadership that matters truly looks like in practice made it difficult for me to put the book down. Whether you’re thinking about getting into leadership or have been in the game for years, this is a must-read book where you’ll get better as a result.  Amy Volas, Founder & CEO, Avenue Talent Partners & Co-Founder of Thursday Night Sales

Certain words are used in business so thoughtlessly that they have become devoid of meaning: Authentic. Real. Transparent. And there is no one I trust more to rescue them than Todd Caponi. In this most recent book, he erects upon the foundation he poured in “The Transparency Sale” a sales leadership framework of such astounding utility and obvious value as to be almost self-evident. I buy a copy of his book for sellers for every rep I hire or mentor, and I will buy this book for every sales leader I work with. Todd’s work is as compelling and useful as any business book I have ever read.  Ethan Zoubek, Chief Revenue Officer, Atari

The Transparent Sales Leader provides straightforward advice, examples and best practices for any modern sales leader, new or experienced. This is a refreshing guide for how to build trust and high-performing organizations in today’s landscape. — Jeff Rosset, Founder & CEO, Sales Assembly

It’s the age-old issue facing sales organizations. Sales training and enablement is focused on the sales team, not the leaders. The prevailing thought is if you have graduated to sales leadership, you must already know what you’re doing, otherwise you wouldn’t have been promoted into the role.

For most sales leaders, their approach is borne from experiences working for and around other sales leaders. No formal training. No framework. Limited understanding of how individual salespeople are inspired to stay, do their best, and advocate to others.

Hitting a revenue target is not the job, it’s the outcome. The inspiration of your team is only “coin operated” if you’re doing it wrong. But there’s good news! Sales leadership doesn’t have to be that hard. There’s a massive opportunity to stand out from the rest; to be more prepared, more effective and to maximize the revenue capacity of your teams.

And in today’s environment where the economy is tightening, the ability to retain and optimize has never been more important.

The Transparent Sales Leader challenges long-held sales leadership standards, providing a modern, cards-face-up, science-backed, easy-to-implement framework for today’s sales leaders.

Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale, brings the science of transparency and intrinsic inspiration to the pages of this book, in a simple-to-understand-and-implement structure to help you get the job, plan, strategize and communicate to your team, your bosses, and even your board.
In the end, you’ll see the holes before they form. You’ll stop chasing, and start growing.

Marketing Information

  • His first book, The Transparency Sale, has earned international best-seller status and has won three best sales book awards.