The Thieves of Underhill

Author: Wallace, Kali

Publication Date:

January 2025



Age Group:


Original language and publisher

English (USA) | Quirk Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia



The Thieves of Underhill

Author: Wallace, Kali


The legend of Robin Hood takes an environmental turn in this captivating eco-fantasy adventure, perfect for middle-grade fans of Kelly Barnhill and Jessica Townsend. 

The daughter of a traveling tinker, Nick Sixsmith has spent her whole life on the road, and has never really felt like she belonged anywhere. That all changes when her mother is summoned back to her hometown of Ironwood. 

In Ironwood, a prosperous community protected by magical machines that tame and harness wild magic, Nick feels at home for the first time. But it turns out there’s a good reason her mother left her town—and her family—behind. Dark secrets simmer beneath the surface, and an environmental crisis looms, threatening Ironwood and every town that relies on its magical inventions. It’s up to Nick and a band of misfit pranksters to uncover the truth and save their community before it’s too late. 

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