The Tender Kiss of the Tyrannosaurus

Original title: Le tendre baiser du tyrannosaure

Author: Abécassis, Agnès

Publication Date:

March 2016



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Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction

The Tender Kiss of the Tyrannosaurus

Original title: Le tendre baiser du tyrannosaure

Author: Abécassis, Agnès

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.
  • Winner of the Prix du Public de Saint-Maur en Poche 2016!


Charming characters and a unique writing’s style made this reading a real crush. Agnès Abécassis’ style shows itself, again, addicting and brilliant. – All Time Readings

For your pleasure, there is a little bit of picturesque, quirky and crazy that become true moments of grace.  – Oblikon

A pretty mural of endearing characters, all prey to the debacles of life.  – City Hebdo

The talented Agnès Abécassis is back with a more serious novel. – Le Soir

A writing both light, and with a high language level.  Judaiques FM

This comedy sparkles from all over the pages !  – Cosmopolitan

A rhythmical and very enjoyable novel. – Radio Shalom

Situations filled with humanity and humor. Cultures-J

A book by Agnès Abécassis that has to be enjoyed! RJS

A real literary crush. – Actualité J.

Absolutely awesome. – RCJ

A delightful comedy to devour immediately!

Rest assured, there is no real T-Rex in this story (well, not quite …). However, there is Felix the paleontologist. His grandmother orders him to leave the woman he lives with, in order to face his worst fears, one by one. If he succeeds, he will be entitled to a huge surprise. There is Olive, who is about to get married and who announces to her family that she and her fiancé don’t want to have children. This leads to indignation and conspiracies among the mothers-in-law. There’s Ava, seller of luxury shoes, who receives a priceless jewel from one of her millionaire-clients. The gem is so precious that she feels rich enough to immediately leave this job she hated so much. And there is Tom, a disillusioned and unhappy cop, and terribly romantic. All these characters know each other, meet up with each other, and invite us to join them…

The Tender Kiss of the Tyrannosaurus will be published as a paperback original with Le Livre de Poche. Her 7 previous novels altogether sold over 500,000 in paperback format. Several of them are currently being adapted to the big screen.