The Tale of the Mistral

Original title: Le dit du Mistral

Author: Mak-Bouchard, Olivier

Publication Date:

August 2020



Original language and publisher

French | Le Tripode

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Netherlands (Meulenhoff, at auction)


Debut Novel

The Tale of the Mistral

Original title: Le dit du Mistral

Author: Mak-Bouchard, Olivier


A debut novel about the mysteries of a universal Provence. It is a concentrate of what made Le Tripode the best independent French publisher in 2019: powerful narration, ecological themes and unending creativity.

One morning, after a night of violent thunderstorms, a man comes knocking on old farmer Sécaillat’s door. What drove his gruff and secretive neighbour to come around? The man brings him to the field between their properties. The rain and mud destroyed part of the old stone wall. Inside the ruins, you can see mysterious bits of pottery. Surprised and intrigued, the two men decide to carry out a secret dig…a dig that will change their lives forever.

Though inspired by Giono and Bosco, The Tale of the Mistral is not just any novel. It is the beginning of a journey, a novel about friendship, a reminder never to forget, a window sliding silently open over the Provençal landscape.


Reader, should wish to understand how all this happened, you should not be afraid to delve into the past. If you insist on staying ensconced in the mere reality of your daily life, you may not grasp the essence of what is about to follow. Worse yet, you might not believe it, rather, you may understand the how but you’ll miss out on the why.

Marketing Information

  • Winner of Première Plume literary prize 2020
  • Shortlisted for the Stanislas literary prize 2020 and Brassens prize
  • Longlisted for the Prix Jean Giono
  • Over 20,000 copies in print
  • English sample available