The Shadow of Vermeer

Original title: De schaduw van Vermeer

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October 2023



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Crime & Thrillers

The Shadow of Vermeer

Original title: De schaduw van Vermeer


Praise for his previous titles:

Intelligent intrigue with more respect for religion and more subtle than the Da Vinci Code. — Vrij Nederland

Jeroen Windmeijer is the Dutch Dan Brown. A firm thriller with historical cross connections. — De Telegraaf

Jeroen Windmeijer honors his nickname The Dutch Dan Brown with this intelligent thriller. — Margriet

A new ambitious trilogy, set in the historic Dutch town of Delft. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Book 1, The Shadow of Vermeer, is a highly accessible thriller, perfect for fans of Dan Brown, bringing something new and improved to the genre.

Teacher Fabian de Ligt had not expected that his afternoon would take such a dramatic turn. What was supposed to be an interesting conversation about the painter Johannes Vermeer ends disastrously as the interviewed expert suddenly collapses and dies. His last words are ‘My… My…’.

Not long after, a series of mysterious burglaries follow, seemingly connected to Vermeer: various paintings disappear from their museums. Some seem worthless as they are forgeries. But even one of the country’s most renowned museums falls victim to a break-in. Unwillingly, Fabian becomes involved in this case, and he also becomes a target.

The truth behind the missing paintings and the Dutch master is on the verge of coming to light. But someone is determined to keep it in the dark…

  • Two layers: fast-paced adventure story for readers of popular commercial fiction, plus a deeper layer of historical tension and upheaval.
  • Vermeer is an enigma, but Windmeijer surprisingly fills in the gaps in history.
  • Unprecedented success; his books spend weeks in de Dutch bestseller lists, rank high in both the Dutch and American Amazon and sell around 25,000 copies per title.
  • Great mix of facts and fiction; immaculate research

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  • English sample available made by a translator
  • Full English translation available, made by DeepL (AI)