The Secret Life of the Sea Otter

Publication Date:

May 2022



Original language and publisher

English | Astra Young Readers

Territories Handled

World excl. Asia and North America




  • 2023 Animal Behavior Society’s Outstanding Children’s Book Award

The Secret Life of the Sea Otter


From 6 years to 9 years

Follow a year in the life of an adorable sea otter as she creatively hunts for food, deftly avoids danger from a great white shark, and gives birth to a pup.

Living off the coast of California in the Northern Pacific Ocean, Lutris the sea otter shares her life in a giant kelp forest habitat with many other otters and animals. Lutris is resourceful and relies on her keen sense of sight and smell to find food and survive. When her pup is born, Lutris lovingly tends to and teaches her daughter until she is ready to head out into the world on her own.

Filled with important facts and gorgeous illustrations, readers will be fascinated by the story of these remarkable mammals. This latest title in the Secret Life series has been vetted by a sea otter expert and includes back matter with more in-depth information, a glossary, and further resources.