The Praise of Hemp

Original title: Stupéfiant ! Le chanvre va-t-il sauver le monde ?

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January 2019



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The Praise of Hemp

Original title: Stupéfiant ! Le chanvre va-t-il sauver le monde ?

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What if this taboo plant, banned in many countries, became the plant of the third millennium?

Glorified by some and attacked by others, hemp certainly has the power of not leaving anyone indifferent.

This plant has been an essential resource for both humans and animals since the Neolithic, and has been used for centuries to manufacture vegetable fibers and as a therapeutic remedy. Its psychoactive properties, however, can have a strong impact on the mind.

Because hemp is considered as “stupefying” drug, a century ago French legislation banned its production, detention, sale, purchase and use, putting in place a wide range of sanctions for offenders. Just a few varieties of industrial hemp, containing a very low dose of psychoactive components, can be legally grown, albeit under strict administrative control.

However, in light of the latest scientific discoveries, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to turn our attention back to hemp. This plant’s incredible therapeutic and nutritional power, as well as its various technological and ecological uses, positions hemp as a possible future solution to many of society’s ills, be they medical, nutritional or environmental.

If we set aside our prejudices, we will soon realise we need revise the legislation that is currently defining hemp’s use and limiting its scientific and even industrial exploitation.