The Peripheral Woman

Original title: La femme périphérique

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January 2022



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Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction

The Peripheral Woman

Original title: La femme périphérique


Sophie Pointurier questions the place of women in art, and skillfully recreates the atmosphere under the Stasi and the cultural ferment in the official and underground galleries. — Nathalie Six

A delight — International best-selling author Mona Chollet

It’s really exciting […]. It’s a book you won’t put down! — Sud Radio

This thrilling societal thriller offers a rare dive into the world of contemporary art, addressing the sexism that reigns there, generously delivering delicious details that tell the story of the Iron Curtain era. — Paris Match Belgique

This thrilling novel, built like a thriller, mixes universal themes such as the place of women in the world of creation, the ambiguous relationship between artists and politics, and immerses us in our recent history. A success for a first novel!  — Notre Temps

Perfectly constructed, very funny, and supported by historical references, this first novel is devouring.  — Point de vue

A gripping book… It’s a book in which there is emotion, there is adventure, there is a story of a couple, and you will really be taken with the characters. Honestly go for it, and I’ll talk to you again if you don’t! — Valerie Expert, Sud Radio

Over a backdrop of ostalgia (nostalgia for East Germany), La Femme périphérique is a fascinating investigation into the world of art and a vibrant first novel that asks about the forgotten women in artistic creation.

Modern, gripping and intelligent: a real page-turner.

Peter and Petra Wolf are the hottest couple on the German art scene since the 1990s. He is a sulfurous East German artist who has disappeared; she, a former professor of visual arts from the West who the art world sees as the guardian of her husband’s reputation as a genius. An untalented woman who divides public opinion in a divided country.

Thirty years after the fall of the Wall, as a biography is being written about the cult couple, mystery still surrounds Peter’s disappearance. And the possibility of an exciting breakthrough is making waves on the museum circuit.

Who killed the painter? Was it a case of identity theft, fraud and forgery? All the clues point to Petra. The investigation, from Paris to Berlin and New York, will reveal what the legend had kept under wraps until now.

La Femme périphérique is a fascinating dive into the art world and a vibrant first novel that asks about the forgotten women in artistic creation.

Marketing Information

  • Reminiscent of films like The Lives of Others and Big Eyes.
  • Shortlisted for the Prix de la Closerie des Lilas, the Prix Première, and the Prix Marianne Un Aller Retour dans le Noir

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