The Night of the Angels

Original title: La Nuit des anges

Author: Tommasi, Anna

Publication Date:

March 2022



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Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction, Crime & Thrillers, Debut Novel

The Night of the Angels

Original title: La Nuit des anges

Author: Tommasi, Anna


The author distils, little by little, the poison of buried secrets. She knows how to lead the readers on false leads. The culprits are not those we believe. And the moment comes when the masks must fall after much emotion and thrill. — LILI AU FIL DES PAGES

A novel that very honestly holds its place as a thriller, that has some originality in the criminal scenario, that proposes characters that we could easily cross in the street. The structure allowed it to sustain attention. For my part, it has played its role as page turner. I had great pleasure reading it. —

No doubt because the story takes place in a beautiful region of France (the beach of Trestraou and the port of Ploumanac’h seem indeed beautiful places to visit), no doubt also because the characters of the novel are very endearing, Anna Tomassi’s first book charms us and, above all, intrigues us (which is the least a thriller worthy of the name can do). — Branchés Culture

A very gripping, even agonising psychological thriller. — Le Courrier indépendant

An absolutely gripping first novel (…) Even those who are not usually too fond of investigative stories and other thrillers will fall under the spell of La Nuit des anges. 20 Minutes

Anna Tommasi plays with our nerves to the point where it seems that, behind every corner, ghosts and buried secrets are ready to jump down our throats. Chilling. Version Femina

Back at her childhood home, Alice finds herself at the heart of an investigation of a disturbing child disappearance, twenty-five years after a similar tragedy…

Alice, a divorced young mother, decides to return to Perros-Guirec, the hometown she left 10 years before. She hopes to reconnect with both her parents and the familiar landscapes, and to put the painful past behind her. Instead, the beach town in Brittany that holds so many memories for her soon begins to fill her with dread. Her parents have become strangers, her childhood sweetheart is obsessed with his sister’s disappearance, a quarter of a century earlier, and once-familiar faces are just ghostly memories now.

Soon the whole town becomes panic-stricken when a little girl disappears. It is the beginning of a veritable nightmare for Alice, who gets sucked into a dual investigation of both past and present.

In this fast-paced first novel, Anna Tommasi cleverly juggles the discomfort of feeling like one has lost one’s bearing and the poison of buried secrets. Skillfully handled from start to finish, it’s a real page-turner!

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  • Winner of the prix Kobo by Fnac 2022